David Stirk, Founder & Managing Director

"I've spent the last 15 years researching whisky to gain the knowledge and ability to give you the best choice of single cask whisky from Scotland. Each and every bottle comes with my personal guarantee that I have nosed, tasted and approved the cask of whisky that it came from."

About the Creative Whisky Company

In late 2004 a (very) young man by the name of David Stirk was deciding where his future lay. He loved Scotch whisky, and the love was reciprocal, so a formal arrangement was made and The Creative Whisky Co Ltd was forged in January 2005. David had already spent time swimming in the big boy’s whisky pool and decided that since the job he really wanted (Highland Park Brand Ambassador) wasn’t going to come to him, he would forge his own career.

So with every dime, nickel and more importantly, pound, that he had, he bought his first cask. Which sold like reasonably priced bottles of supreme, lip-smacking, old & ex-Sherry matured whisky [I was going to say ‘hot cakes’ but nobody seems to buy these any more]. And the rest is history - although no-one has deemed it good enough for a movie, documentary, book or even a Wikipedia page.

Prior to starting his own business David began his professional career with Whisky Magazine who were at the time based in Alan Partridge’s county of Norfolk [please do look up Alan Partridge if you’ve never heard of him - but make sure you start at the beginning of his story, don’t just watch the movie]. This was an interesting time but also a frustrating time so pastures new were found (not in farming though) and after a brief time spent writing the hugely popular but commercially-unpopular "The Malt Whisky Guide", David landed (and it really was landed) a job with Cadenhead's in Campbeltown; Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, and quite frankly one of the best.

Many years were spent simply drinking whisky - a task that is much easier than it sounds. No, really. But again new pastures were sought, this time for geographical reasons (look up Campbeltown on a map). And not long after The Creative Whisky Co Ltd was born.

TheDistilleriesOfCampbeltown.png Starting with the early origins of Campbeltown, David Stirk relates in The Distilleries of Campbeltown how the town grew from a small settlement into a Royal Burgh that depended on the herring fishery before whisky became the main trade in the town and its associated villages of Dalaruan and Dalintober.


TheMaltWhiskyGuide.png The Malt Whisky Guide is the combined effort of author David Stirk, whose style and tastings are rapidly gaining popularity and recognition, along with Graeme & Derek Wallace, whose photography has appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic.